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Fellow readers,

Since it was first created, the Project research-terra has been growing considerably. We now have a new logo, a new URL - http://www.research-terra.com/ - and a new webmail - email@research-terra.com!

Research-Terra started has a simple website containing some titles of thesis on the various aspects of earthen construction developed by researchers in European countries. Today, research-Terra has not only expanded to include research from all over the world, but is also embracing all sorts of fronts in this field.

The research-terra project team is currently working towards making the webpage THE reference tool for all of those involved in earthen construction throughout the world. Therefore, we have included new features - namely profiles and photos - which will provide a bigger picture of what is taking place within the earthen building community worldwide.

As before, we are counting on you to make this possible! All you have to do is send us the information you would like to see online, by following the instructions available on the website.
It is still a work in progress, however, we believe that, with your help, this can be the start of something interesting!

Here is a short description of research-Terra’s features:

New features

IMAGES - Earthen buildings in pictures:
It is known that there are many forms of using earth as a building material. Following that, this page intends to create photo albums divided by countries to show examples of earthen buildings throughout the world. You can participate by sending your photos!

PROFILES - Short profiles of people involved in earthen construction:
In order to complement the already existing section of research groups we have added profiles with a summary of people’s activities related to earthen construction. You can have your name added to the list as well – see how on the profiles page.
Although we believe that your profile in English would be comprehended by a larger audience, you are free to send us your profile in your native language.

Existing features

RESEARCH: One of research-Terra’s main goal is still to promote and disseminate the research on earthen construction, for this reason, the RESEARCH page still requires your contribution. If you have done academic research on earthen construction, access this page to see how you can add this information to the website. The same goes for the other pages - RESEARCH GROUPS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, EVENTS, and LINKS.

We look forward to receiving your input.

The research-Terra team wishes to thank you for your cooperation!

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