Two articles worth reading - Slum upgrading

Two articles worth reading.

Between the “informal” and the “formal”: Slum upgrading in South Africa
June 28th, 2011
By Benjamin Bradlow, SDI secretariat

Building a bridge between the “informal” and the “formal”

In January, the South African SDI Alliance affirmed a vision to build city-wide networks of informal settlement communities that mobilize to upgrade their settlements. Nearly six months later, about 30 representatives of the Alliance partners — the Informal Settlement Network (ISN), Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor (FEDUP), Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC), iKhayalami, and uTshani Fund — met in Cape Town to reflect on the upgrading work that has been accomplished thus far. (read more...)



Understanding of residents’ needs and aspirations central to slum upgrading, say urban practitioners
Nairobi, 1 Jul 11

Local and international actors working on slum upgrading have emphasised the importance of understanding the wide range of views of residents when working to improve the standard of living in urban areas.

The comments were made at an international meeting called 'Change by Design' which was held at the UN Headquarters in Nairobi in June, and co-organised by Architecture Sans Frontieres UK (ASF-UK), The Pamoja Trust, and UN-HABITAT's Housing Policy Section. The event is part of UN-HABITAT's Shelter Initiative for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (SICCMA) which aims to contribute to the development of affordable housing that is also sensitive to the environment and social and cultural advancement.

More than 100 participants, including 25 international experts and architecture practitioners, participated in the one-day symposium which focused on the institutional, urban and architectural opportunities and constraints to developing participatory community-led slum upgrading programmes. (read more...)

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