Strawbale house growing...

Construction process of a strawbale house. From the blog ourstrawbalehouse.blogspot.com

All images were sourced from: http://ourstrawbalehouse.blogspot.com/

There is something fascinating about building with natural building materials... Straw is no exception.

Having built with straw before, I have to say that this material is definitely amongst the most enjoyable to worked with!
I am not sure if the first people who first started to use straw for construction purposes, roughly 150 or 200, years ago ever imagined that this material would be used as often as it is today. The "movement" of straw bale builders is definitely gaining momentum and I would say that the prospects are looking very positive for the future of this material.
Low environmental impact, energy efficiency due to high insulation, and recyclable building elements are only a few of the many features of sustainable construction of straw bale buildings.

I took all the images above from the blog Our Straw House, where you can follow the construction process of a straw bale house, from day one. Have a look and get inspired!


Anonymous said...

Straw bale houses also tend to bring people together for the construction. It is healthy and good fun!

Anonymous said...

Ok, but is it suitable for all climates?


auntie mary said...

very impressed mum and anutie mary