Some music

The music is still playing outside (non-stop and veryyyy loud since early this morning!!), and with so many things happening at the same time, I ended up not doing much today.
Yesterday, however, the day was quite productive. I spent about 5 hours at DW's office looking for documentation relevant for my research. They have so many interesting things! It's basically stuff which has been accumulated over the years, and given that DW has been in Angola for more than 20 years, well, you can imagine what I mean. Much of the information I was interested in was to do with the development of informal settlements in Luanda, and I was very fortunate to come across extremely useful things. It's a shame though, that many of those reports and papers are only phisically available here. Perhaps I should have come to Angola earlier so that I could have included some of the data in my literature review. Anyway, it's not a big problem, since I can always revise and add information. A PhD is only closed when one submits the final draft and I am very far from that!!
Oh, in addition to this, although at this stage I cannot provide further details, things are also beginning to point towards my return to Angola in January or February for at least another month.

I also went out for dinner with a few Portuguese who are working here. They are all either architects or engineers, so it was very interesting to get their views on the issues currently affecting the city.

Tomorrow I will most likely spend the day transcribing the interviews I have conducted so far and, if I still have a bit of time, continue with mapping the street.

Just to conclude this post, I left my favourite playlist in Oxford. and am beginning to miss the music I always listen to when I am working :( The internet connection is soooooooooo slow here but I still managed to listen to one of my favourites on youtube today – which made me very happy! So, I just thought I'd share it here :) Enjoy it!

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