A few months in Africa

With only two weeks to go before I embark on my trip to Ghana and Angola, I feel that I still have a million things to prepare before leaving! Not a very good feeling, I have to say...

The trip to Ghana was organised by ASF-UK as part of the workshop  "Local Vs Global – Sustainable Development Workshop".  Just a few days ago, the organisation has announced that we would also take part in the symposium "Local Vs Global: Strategies for Sustainability in the face of rapid development, UN-Habitat and Architecture sans Frontiers Day Symposium" while we're there. It sounds very exciting and I am looking forward to it.
As far as the trip to Angola is concerned, the preparation and organisation started about a year ago. It has been quite a challenge but, apart from minor things, I can now say that it's all been sorted. Along the way, I was fortunate to have had the help and support of wonderful people in Angola, to whom I will be eternally grateful. Hopefully the fieldwork will go well and I will be able to collect sufficient and relevant data for my research. Fingers crossed!!


Sofia Aleixo said...

célia....boa viagem e keep us posted!

cmcm said...

Olá Sofia :)
Partilharei aqui os melhores momentos da viagem sim. Vai visitando para veres as novidades.


Renata B. Zocchio De Luca said...

Estou muito interessada na experiencia que irás ter. Estarei seguindo as postagens com prazer.Boa sorte.