Oxford Brookes University - End of the Year Show 2011

Like every year, Oxford Brookes - School of the Built Environment - and the students have organised an exhibition with the work developed throughout the academic year, in which the research students also participated.
A few of us thus got together to design and build a panel to display some of the work currently being developed by the research students. Although we did not have any fancy 3d images of building projects, the intention was to somehow convey the idea that research is not necessarily boring, as many tend to think, and can actually be quite exciting. The general feedback was quite positive, so hopefully we were successful...
The authors and respective titles of the work displayed in our area were the following:
  • Aliye Mentesh - Sustainable tourism-led rural regeneration as a tool for conserving cultural heritage and architectural traditions: the case of Cyprus in its regional context
  • Célia Macedo - The use of earthen construction for sustainable dwellings in Angola
  • Julia Wedel - The impact of power differentials on adaptive opportunities in the context of water scarcity in an informal settlement in Lima, Peru
  • Makbule Oktay - Place Attachment and Perception of Home in Rural Settlements of northern Cyprus: Adaptation after Internal Displacement
  • Sofia Aleixo - Historic School buildings Conservation: impact of adaptation to new Education needs in the heritage value
  • Susanne Dahm - The role of local facilities in fostering social interaction in suburban housing developments in England 
There are many other students, carrying out interesting research, whose work was not represented at the exhibition. In case you are interested to know a bit more about their work click HERE.
The exhibition was open from the 7th until 17th June in Oxford and is now moving to London - details HERE.

Overall, adding to the positive experience, it was good to focus our attention on something that does not involve reading or writing for a change. I am already looking forward to the exhibition next year, which, if all goes well, will also be the final year of my PhD!

If you would like to look at a sample of the work developed here at Oxford Brookes in the School of the Built Environment just download the Yearbook 2011 available from Brookes website.

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