More courses on sustainable building techniques - Portugal

Fancy a trip to Portugal to learn about sustainable construction techniques? TerraCrua Workshops is organising several courses between 19th March and 17th June.


- 19th & 20th March - Manufacture and adobe construction Manufacture of adobe bricks, building walls and other structures. 

- 26th  &27th March - Construction of oven.
We will build a furnace 2mts in diameter, using clay and old tiles. 

- 9th & 10th April - Construction in COB Grout and construction of a structure in Cob. We will also work on a rocket stove. 

- 30th April  &1st May - Adobe Construction 2 Manufacture and adobe construction.
We will build a dome and an arch. 

- 7th & 8th May - Sands, plaster, clay and mortar Select sand and clay, several mortars for various purposes. Plasters, adobe and cordwood, several mortars and plasters. Lime vs Cement Straw, sawdust and cork in mortar

- 28th, 29th & 30th May - Oven & Bread Day 28th - Workshop on homemade bread  

- Days 29th & 30th - Construction of oven 

- 18th & 19th June - cordwood and bottles We will build a cordwood and bottles wall , with plaster of sand and lime

-Location: Vale dos Coiços, Góis

-Price: € 40 per workshop, except OVEN & bread, which is € 50

Includes camping area, basic structures such as shower and dry toilet; -Includes lunch and dinner on day of workshops;

-Confirmed Participants must arrive the day before the workshop to set up camp;
Further information and registration: oficinasdaterracrua@gmail.com

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