7th. European Straw Bale Gathering 2011

23rd-27th August 2011
Bouzov Podoli, Czech Republic

13-20/8 Straw bale building workshop

Tuesday 23/8 8-16:00 Optional bus tour

Tuesday 17:00 Start of ESBG. Social evening with music.

Wednesday Hands on workshops during day, plenum evaluation and social slide show evening.

Thursday “Open Space”: Sharing of information in large and small groups; further development of topics through evening “World Café”, leading to work groups.

Friday Conference, press meeting and concert.

Saturday 4th National Natural Building Celebration, a joyful mix of trade fair, hands-on workshops, music and presentations. 16:00 Closing circle of ESBG. Camp fire evening

Sunday 28/8 1st National ‘Open Door’ day of residential straw 10-17:00 bale homes
ESBG 2011 Price:

From 15/02 until 15/03: 150 Euro
From 15/03 until 01/07: 200 Euro
From 01/07 until 23/08: 240 Euro

Fee includes program, materials, meals etc. but does not include transport or accommodation.

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