Conference: African Perspectives 2011

I have just received an email with the latest information about the African Perspectives 2011 conference. The call for papers is now open!

This special edition of the ArchiAfrika newsletter brings to you the Call for Papers & Call for Pictures of the African Perspectives 2011 conference.

The focus of the 5th African Perspectives conference is the ‘African Metropolis’.

In recent decades, many cities on the African continent have experienced unprecedented urban growth. They are described as booming cities or mega-cities. Most of them make concerted efforts to pluralize their relationships with the larger world and with each other and to play an effective role within the network of leading metropolises. As such, they no longer function primarily only as political coordinators of national space or as the fulcrum of national economic productivity but exceed this role. This ‘metropolisation’ trend of the African city encompasses a two-fold process. It refers to changing positions and leveling up to enter a global urban system competition. This essentially relates to local processes of urbanization and urban experience, including the definition of new territorial boundaries and the emergence of new urban identities and centralities.

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