Diving in communities - a blog to follow

Another interesting blog to follow...

Ricardo, a portuguese environmental engineer and researcher, has initiated what is expected to be a great journey. He is on his way to Buthan - The Dragon Kingdom, where he will stay for 3 months doing voluntary work for UNDP with local communities.
Ricardo is no stranger to voluntary work with communities, he has recently spent a month in Mozambique where he, along with other voluntaries, helped building a school.
He is one of those very enthusiastic and inspiring people, always ready to get himself involved himself in interesting projects. Surely this journey will be no exception.

Fortunately, he has created a journal-like web blog, where he will describe the day-to-day life during these 3 months of hard, nonetheless exciting, work. I will certainly be a faithful follower!

Here it is: Diving in communities

I wish you the best of luck Ricardo!

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