EKOPEDIA - the practical encyclopedia about alternative life techniques

I came across the project Ekopedia yesterday while reading a post from earthbag building blog. This is a very interesting project, which aims at providing people with solutions and practical knowledge so that they can act in a more environmentally conscious way.

Here is some info from their website:

'Ekopedia is a practical project of encyclopedia specialized in the alternative's techniques of life. 
When we write “practical encyclopedia dealing with the alternative techniques of life”, we thus wish to express the fact that we create a collection of knowledge having for topics:
  • the techniques: regrouping the process of manufacture, maintenance, management, recycling and even waste disposal,
  • giving the power of being autonomous. And beyond these topics, Ekopedia must be a place of popularization. So that a great number of people can learn, understand, and implement these techniques.
  • Techniques of life which is the basic needs that we have.
  • Differently in practicing theses alternatives respecting to the maximum Man, nature and environment.'

In terms of architecture, you'll find articles on green roofspassive solar design buildingearthbag building, and others. Unfortunately, there is still nothing on earthen architecture. However, as this is a free and collaborative encyclopedia project, much like Wikipedia, I am sure this gap will be covered sooner or later.

Have look at Ekopedia website!

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