Ecovillage Conference Tokyo 2010

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"The Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia (GENOA) is pleased to announce the forthcoming TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ECOVILLAGE conference.

Following are the details:

International Conference for Sustainable Future - Ecovillage Conference TOKYO 2010

Lectures/Discussions/Workshops/Exhibition/Café… More than 40 programs in three days!

The concept of “ecovillage” is not only for rural side, but also very applicable to the urban area. It contains lots of suggestions and epochal ideas to develop sustainable future.

More than 50 presenters from 30 organizations will flock to the conference, such as board of directors of global ecovillage network (GEN), key-persons of Asian eco-community movement, and MANY Japanese practitioners who has have ecovillage projects all over Japan!
Just come to get inspiration, to make friends, and to network with cool people!

Title : Ecovillage Conference Tokyo 2010

Time : 28-30th May 2010
Place : Josai International Univ., Tokyo Kioicho Campus, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan

Theme : Relocalization for the sustainable earth: Reconstruction of the urban and Ecovillage solution for the rural areas

Guests : Elizabeth McDermott, Tomiaki Tamura, Bindu Mohanty, Penelope Reyes, Li Jingsheng, David Holmgren on SKYPE, Koji Itonaga, Ben Nakamura, Hidetoshi Ohno etc.

Advance Tickets : One Day Ticket 5000 Yen, 3 Days Ticket 12000 Yen
Tickets at the door : One Day Ticket 6000 Yen, 3 Days Ticket 14000 Yen

Info : http://ecovi.begoodcafe.com/en
Inquiry : ecovillage@begoodcafe.com or Tel:+81-3-3411-8879
Organizer : NPO BeGood Cafe"

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