AFRICOAE Seeks Volunteer Project Manager/ Creative Fundraiser

Fonte: http://www.archiafrika.org/en/node/1030

Uma excelente oportunidade para quem deseja envolver-se na construção em terra num dos locais do mundo onde a sua herança histórica fala bem alto!

Fonte da informação e imagem: http://www.archiafrika.org/en/node/1030

"From 2010-2015, we will be developing a model artist village in Ghana and Uganda for replication in other parts of Africa. For the locals, it will mean a resolution to the age-old problem for artists, painters, sculptors, dancers, and others who require low-cost and expanse of space in which to work; and for persons in the arts from around the world, it will be a contact point for artist-in-residence for community-based arts projects. Some 50 and 500-1000 acres have been speculated in rural parts of Ghana, as are in Uganda, Cameroon and Botswana.
Project, thus, seeks an experienced project manager, or creative fundraiser to creatively source finance and coordinate the construction of an artist village for the low- and moderate-income artists in one of the African countries. The project is a design-andbuild Earth Architecture Challenge, in which creative thinkers and technical specialists in the visual arts, architecture and engineering from sub-Sahara Africa and other parts of the world will work together for a period of time to design-and-build dwellings out of earth and other materials from the environment, which will be attended by many visitors.The challenge is open to traditional and modern construction methods, and experimental approaches and sustainable solutions such as mud bricks, terracrete, laterized concrete, compressed earth, rammed earth, hydraform and other best practices out there that may work in this region of the world.
If interested in facilitating the project or wish to suggest a resource person, please e-mail to
africoae@gmail.com. "

Additional information on the project will be upon request.
PROJECT: DESIGN-AND-BUILD AN EARTH HOME CHALLENGEWEB SITE: http://www.focusonthearts.org, http://afropoets.tripod.com/eta

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